A better way to do online learning (The Boston Globe)

The 2019 graduation ceremony for Map Academy in Plymouth. (Photo by Debee Macki)

Map Academy’s student-centered, competency-based, and blended model is highlighted in this Boston Globe article by Thomas Arnett of the Christensen Institute about schools that are adapting to the pandemic. Map has been doing high school differently from day one — our flexible systems keep students at the center of their own journeys and can minimize the impact of life’s disruptions so they stay connected to their goals.

Here is an excerpt from the piece:

Sabrina, a student at Map Academy in Plymouth, explained in a podcast interview how this flexible model is a game changer for students like her: “They don’t just see you as a student — they see you as someone that is trying to learn and just needs help getting through high school.”

You can read the full article here