An archive of stories about the successes and challenges of doing high school differently, as told by the Map Academy community.

At Map Academy — a free, alternative charter high school in Massachusetts — we believe in the power of storytelling. And, since our inception, we have been showcasing student and staff voices as a way to document our journey, share the knowledge we’ve gained along the way, and (most importantly) empower the youth with whom we work.

Map was founded on the belief that every student, no matter their life circumstances, has unique strengths and the ability to succeed. Our students are survivors. Most have been forced to navigate challenges beyond their years, like the effects of poverty, ravages of addiction, or the difficulties of housing insecurity. At Map, they get the chance they deserve to overcome barriers and re-engage with their education. And, as educators, we’re learning how high school can be done differently.

Grid of Map students

Meet Map: Student & Staff Video Portraits

A series of videos in which a Map community member shares how they found their way here and what makes Map different.

Phone showing ED podcast

The Education Disruption Podcast

A podcast featuring Map community voices, created to tell the story of how high school can be done differently for the benefit of our students.

The Archive