Rethinking Education: Reimagining When, Where, and How Learning Happens (Rennie Center)

The Map Academy model was featured in the Rennie Center’s Action Guide, a key piece of their annual Condition of Education in the Commonwealth report. Using a set of school performance indicators, the Rennie Center examines the state of education in Massachusetts each year, identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations for reform.

Map was included in the 2024 Action Guide as a “Bright Spot,” highlighting how we’re an example of an empowering, flexible, and collaborative teaching model.

Here’s an excerpt:

“[Map Academy’s] model works well for mission-driven teachers who seek to empower students to have agency over their learning. The impact of this work has been seen in strong feedback from teachers and students alike, which is also exemplified by the school’s strong teacher retention. While many of the ways that Map is rethinking teaching are most relevant in alternative and competency-based school settings, others could be applied more broadly.”

Read the full 2024 Action Guide here