Meet Map: Shawn, Teacher

Here is a transcript of our conversation with Shawn, a Map teacher.

Shawn: At Map I can help kids find the meaning in their education. When students first come here, oftentimes they don’t love to read and they don’t like to write, but something I take pride in is really paying attention to the things that they enjoy. Sitting with them and finding out what they’re interested in, the things that they’re curious about, the music that they love to listen to, and then using that to spark creative writing or to purchase books and analyze books that they’ll find really relevant. Kids find relevance and meaning to what they’re learning, then learning doesn’t seem like busy work. It seems really interesting, stuff that they can do here or at home. I love being at Map because helping kids find meaning in their education is something that I’ve watched time and again, and it can change their lives.

My name is Shawn Kain. I’m a special education teacher at Map Academy.

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