Meet Map: Javon, Student

Here is a transcript of our conversation with Javon, a Map student.

Javon: It’s me. Ready? At Map I can work at my own pace, have a flexible work schedule. If I have to go to work in the morning, I can leave around 10:00-ish, come back to school, and finish up my academics. At Map I can also go to any teacher I need, even if it’s not their subject, to ask for help.

If they know about that subject, they can help me to a certain extent, and then once they don’t know where they’re at, they can actually point me in the direction of the teacher I need. I can have faith in my teachers because I know like if I tell them something, I be like, “Oh, don’t go spread it with anybody else.” I know that I can hold them accountable to that. At Map I can also like be myself, like make sure everybody else is good because I know it’s a happy environment. As long as everybody’s happy, I’m happy.

My name is Javon Griffin. I am a soon-to-be graduate at Map Academy.

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